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čičməhán Trail

An interpretive trail throughout the City of Port Townsend, Washington,
that chronicles the history of the S'Klallam people and the European settlers as they worked to co-exist.





About the čičməhán Trail...


The čičməhán Trail (Cheech-ma-han) Trail is comprised of 18 sites throughout the city of Port Townsend, Washington, that naturally divide into 3-mile, 6-mile, or 12-mile loops. The 3-mile loop focuses on downtown historical sites; the 6-mile loop extends west to Laurel Grove Cemetery; and the 12-mile loop goes all the way out to North Beach and Fort Worden. All loops contain elevation changes, with some steep uphill and downhill grades.


The intent of the čičməhán Trail Trail is to educate the public on the relationship between the S'Klallam people who had lived for hundreds of years at this place, that they called "qatáy" and the European settlers who arrived in Port Townsend in the mid-19th century, intent on making it a key port of trade in the Northwest. Each sign on the trail tells a small part of the story of historic and modern-day S'Klallam people. In many ways, what we know about čičməhán's life represents the difficulties encountered across this country in the struggle for peaceful coexistence between American Indians and non-Native peoples who found themselves living in the same geographical area with very different cultural values. In the 21st century, the S'Klallam people and residents of Port Townsend and Jefferson County celebrate our differences and build on our ongoing community partnerships and respectful relationships to successfully move forward for the benefit of our future generations.


More about the Trail Team and the Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe...






čičməhán Trail Map...



Chetzemoka Park Four Points Fowler Building Hudson Beach/Big Heart Laurel Grove Cemetery Memorial Field North Beach Northwest Maritime Center Port Townsend Ferry Overlook Point Hudson Port Townsend Post Office Point Wilson qatay Lagoon qatay Prairie qatay Valley entinel Rock Swan School Union Wharf/Indian Island


Click the markers on the map above to visit the
trail site pages.


Trail Sign Locations:


  1. Chetzemoka Park
  2. Hudson Beach/Big Heart
  3. Point Hudson
  4. Northwest Maritime Center
  5. Village at Memorial Field
  6. Fowler Building
  7. Union Wharf/Indian Island
  8. Port Townsend Ferry Overlook
  9. Port Townsend Post Office
  10. qatáy Lagoon
  11. Laurel Grove Cemetery
  12. Swan School / Klallam language
  13. Sentinel Rock
  14. qatáy Prairie
  15. Four Points
  16. qatáy Valley
  17. North Beach
  18. Point Wilson









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 Chetzemoka Park




Special Thanks...


This project is a partnership between the Native Connections Action Group of the Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and the Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe, with assistance from the entire community.


Special Thanks to our contributors and sponsors.








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